Innovative outsourcing solutions

Simplify your administrative and financial operational processes by using outsourcing. SKL BPO is the bpo (Business Process Outsourcing) solution for companies looking for a service combining flexibility and quality.

Business Process Outsourcing

SKL-bpo offers to outsource all or part of your data entry operators (finance, accountant, legal, web-referencing technicians, secretary, etc.). Depending on your needs and the size of your business, the SKL-bpo data entry operators work directly, remotely and via a secure VPN, on your software environment. SKL-bpo offers you maximum serenity and flexibility with a fixed price with no surprises, no minimum duration commitment, while guaranteeing you an optimal quality of service. 


BPO Digital


SKL-bpo optimizes your positioning on Google and other search engines in order to maximize your visibility and your audience towards targetted web users. Our exclusive expertise and our rigorous project management are the keys to your sustainable and measurable success. We use a wide range of technical tools to ensure that search engine robots optimize your website's audience.


Enhance your website's positioning on Google and the other search engines while controlling your marketing investment. SKL Services helps you define your marketing strategy, your expectations, your budget and your objectives. Certified Google Partner, SKL-bpo guarantees optimal efficiency within the framework of a pre-defined budget.

Social Media

How to best use social networks to improve your image and your offer's audiencer? Our experts are at your side to identify, define and implement targeted marketing tools on social networks (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, etc ...). Our goals: boost your image with social media users, optimize your visibility and increase your sales!

BPO Finance

Finance data entry operator

Your company's accounting department uses more than 70% of its resources to enter supplier invoices and various financial data SKL-bpo operators dedicated to your business and trained in your digital tools have remote access to identify, reconcile and account for your supplier invoices and other financial data, in real time, directly on your software


Current payslip softwares are now very efficient and are updated in real time according to legislative and regulatory developments. However, manual reconciliation, verification and entry operations are still necessary. Qualified and rigorous SKL-bpo operators perform these tasks at a cost much lower than which of your internal services or your usual local service providers.

BPO Administrative

Remote personal assistant

Each of your minutes counts. Your time should only be used to create value. Do you hesitate to recruit an assistant or do you only have specific needs? Our remote personal assistant solutions are made for you! For an unbeatable price, offer yourself comfort and focus your energy on what is really essential. We allow you to delegate to a SKL-bpo remote secretary, perfectly French / English speaking, all the daily tasks that pollute your work day: - Making an appointment - Travel planning (plane, train, hotel, taxi, rental vehicles) - Document entry and layout - Transcription of audio or video documents - Writing letters - Convert documents to PDF - Scan of your paper documents - Quote entry - Entering invoices - Reminder of arrears - Formatting of Excel tables (received in handwritten form) - Database consolidation - Data capture - Entrust us with your problems, we will answer them! You can reach your SKL-bpo remote secretary from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday by phone, e-mail, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.

A la Carte !

You want to entrust us with repetitive tasks that can be performed remotely in a flexible way, without sacrificing quality and for an unbeatable price: contact us!


A Swiss fiduciary firm experiencing strong growth had insufficient office spaces for new employees necessary for the increased activity. Impossible for this firm to refuse new files. But the prohibitive cost of additional spaces combined with the costs of moving jeopardized its profitability. By using the SKL-bpo data entry operators, this fiduciary has been able to meet the demand of its new customers, while still improving its profitability and remaining in its historic premises. All without sacrificing the quality of service to its customers, quite the contrary!

Four independent lawyers located in France could not each bear the costs of a full-time secretary. None could accommodate him in his own premises. SKL-bpo provides them with a remote secretary, depending on the breakdown of time they have chosen, and sends specific invoicing to each of the four lawyers

A digital marketing agency located in Luxembourg struggled to find a new SEO technician for an employer cost compatible with its forecasted orders. SKL-bpo offered the secondment of a half-time SEO technician for a very competitive rate. Fully satisfied with this solution, the agency asked to convert this part-time to full-time after only three months

An international group located in France, with a finance department of operators, is taken aback by the simultaneous resignation of two operators. By using SKL-bpo, this group solves its HR problem in less than two weeks while avoiding the hassle and costs of recruitment. In the end, even before the end of the notice of resigning employees, this group finds, thanks to the outsourcing of two operators, a stable workforce and it avoids any disruption in its reporting obligations. Thanks to the multiple flexibility solutions offered by SKL-bpo, we also contribute to optimizing the management of leave and absences of salaried staff of this international group


SKL-bpo, as a great entrepreneurial adventure, aims for excellence by bringing European companies the energy and flexibility of a quality nearshore offer


SKL-bpo is a service operated by SàRL SKL Services       

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